The growth path of child psychological counselors

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Psychology Course Trial
Types of:

Whether to obtain the national psychological counselor qualification certification

One meter psychological advantage

8 years of precipitation, focusing on children's psychological services

  • professional focus


    professional focus

    Yimi Psychology has always focused on psychology. From introductory learning to psychological counselor employment, each growth stage provides a comprehensive solution for systematic learning, growth, and application!
  • Practical growth


    Practical growth

    One meter psychology combines theory and practice, allowing students to learn on the basis of practice, continue to apply practice after learning, and learn to apply quickly to absorb!
  • Strong faculty


    Strong faculty

    One meter of famous psychological teachers, bringing top domestic teachers, a combination of practical school and academic school, leading teaching and research results and first-line practical experience, let you stand on the shoulders of giants and enjoy the charm and value of psychology!
  • curriculum structure


    curriculum structure

    The industry's first psychological consultant and psychological lecturer growth system, including the learning of the preliminary psychological knowledge system, the practice of intermediate consulting skills, and the high-level personal growth, case supervision and lecturer training!

One meter teacher team

Famous teacher profile:
After 8 years of sedimentation and screening, One Meter has gathered top authoritative teachers in the industry at home and abroad. 我们根据课程的设置、学员的水平,以及想达到的学成预期,进行综合考虑评估; 再结合老师术业有专攻,以求为每一门课程都配备最合适的授课老师。 The teachers of each curriculum system have been carefully selected and arranged. We comprehensively consider and evaluate the curriculum according to the curriculum settings, the level of the students, and the expected accomplishments of the students; combined with the expertise of the teachers , we strive to provide Each course is equipped with the most suitable instructor. We have hired professors of psychology from major universities, as well as masters from various universities in psychology. They have very rich theoretical knowledge and time experience and have been engaged in the psychology industry for more than 20 years. We firmly believe that the best teacher is the best teacher. This is one meter, the biggest difference from a training institution that uses the same teacher for multiple courses on the market.

Gong Mei

Child Counselor

Founder of One Meter Psychology, National Registered Psychological Counselor, Child Sand Table Therapist, International Hypnosis Union NGH Hypnotherapist. He has been engaged in psychological communication since 11 years, and is determined to build the China Institute of Child Psychology. Children are the center of gravity of a family. The family is the basic unit of society. The healthy growth of children and the stability of society are complementary. Areas of expertise: counselling for mother-to-child relationships, psychological counseling for children, psychological counselling for adolescent growth, marriage emotions, career development planning, etc.

Lin Fengzhan


The National Association of Hypnotists (NGH) authorizes the International Hypnotist Certified Global Instructor (BCH, CI), one of the earliest certification mentors who taught hypnosis in China, and one of China's three authorized certification mentors. He has been a lecturer in courses for many social service organizations in Hong Kong and has provided training-related services to internationally renowned companies. Provide hypnosis application training programs including: sales, communication, leadership, negotiation, team building, time management, thinking strategies, coaching supervision, emotional management, career development planning, speaking skills, and physical behavior.

Liu Yong


Associate Professor, Master's Supervisor, School of Psychology, South China Normal University, Standing Committee Member of Guangdong Provincial Psychological Assessment Professional Committee, concurrently serving as Deputy Director of the Guangdong Provincial Psychological Counselor Professional Committee, member of the Guangdong Public Security Police Mental Health Advisory Group, and Psychological Counseling and Therapy of the Guangdong Psychological Association Academic advisor to the committee, member of the Expert Working Committee of the Guangdong Entrepreneurs Association, and member of the Expert Committee of the Innovation China Training Alliance. Areas of expertise: Psychotherapy and group counselling, human resource management and EAP.

Li Xingmin


Over the years, he has devoted himself to the research of medical psychology, pedagogy, developmental psychology and social psychology. His research on children's psychology and its applied technology has attracted the attention of colleagues and society. Hundreds of special lectures on psychology were hosted and taught in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. Guangdong TV Station, Guangzhou TV Station, Yangcheng Evening News and Guangzhou Daily all have special reports. The earliest national psychological counselor qualification training was conducted in Guangdong. Good at psychological counseling for children and adolescents, parent-child education counseling, marriage and family counseling, crisis intervention, and psychological counselor vocational training.

Huang Xiaofang

Structural family therapist

He has been a member of the Professional Committee of the Chinese Mental Health Association, a member of the Professional Committee of the Guangdong Mental Health Association, a special lecturer of the National Counsellor's Professional Qualification Certification, a special psychologist of the Guangdong Women's Federation, and the founder of the Guangdong Wheatfield Education and Family Consultation Center for 26 years. He has studied under Dr. Li Weirong, the only Chinese disciple of the internationally renowned structural family therapist Miniuqin, who has received professional system training and supervision in the fields of Harvard post-doctoral psychoanalysis and the American Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Association.

Yang Ruidong

Director of psychology

Long-term professional teaching and professional supervision for drug treatment social workers, college psychology and social engineering majors. He has been working in Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital-Baiyun Voluntary Detoxification Center since February 2005 and has held the position of psychologist. He has accumulated more experience in family therapy such as emotional counseling, self-growth, relapse prevention, sudden heart addiction intervention, and emotional counseling and communication of family members of drug abusers during withdrawal. Served as executive director of Guangzhou Baiyun Mental Health Research Institute, director of Psychology Department of Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital, and special expert on psychological correction for returnees from the Judicial Bureau of Baiyun District, Guangzhou.

Yan Jinhai


He is currently a professor at the School of Humanities and Management of Southern Medical University (formerly the First Military Medical University), a tutor for postgraduates, and the post of Deputy Dean, Director of the Department of Humanities and Arts, and Director of the Center for Human Behavior Research. Has long been engaged in teaching and research in philosophy, ethics, psychology and other aspects. Published more than 110 research papers; wrote and published 2 monographs on "Research on the Code of Conduct System for Medical Personnel Practice" and "A Perspective on Pseudo-Science Phenomena in China in 20 Years". Associate Editor-in-Chief of Psychological Counseling and Associate Editor-in-Chief of Research on Mental Health Education of Contemporary College Students;

Zhang Xueqin


His research fields are mental health of children and adolescents and psychological mechanisms of addiction. He presided over a number of topics including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, published 47 SCI papers and Chinese academic papers, published 3 monographs, and participated in the compilation of 3 Ministry of Health planning textbooks. He has undertaken the teaching tasks of "Development Psychology", "Medical Psychology", "General Psychology" and other courses, and the teaching effect is good. He is a professor of psychology in Guangzhou Medical College, a master's tutor, the director of the Department of Applied Psychology, School of Health Management, Guangzhou Medical University, a doctoral tutor, an executive director of the International Chinese Applied Psychology Association, and a vice chairman of the Guangdong Neuroscience Society.



His research interests include health psychology and medical psychology. He has published more than 30 papers in the journals of Psychological Science, Chinese Mental Health, and Chinese Clinical Psychology, and has edited three books. Served as the director of the Department of General Psychology, Department of Applied Psychology, Guangzhou Medical University, a supervisor of postgraduates in psychology, a member of the Guangdong Province Primary and Secondary School Mental Health Education Steering Committee, a member of the Guangdong National Mental Counselor's Occupational Skills Appraisal Expert Group, and the Guangdong Mental Health Association Standing member of the Evaluation Professional Committee and a member of the International Association for Chinese Applied Psychology.

Xu Wenjun


Engaged in psychiatry clinical, scientific research, teaching, psychological counseling and psychotherapy, and mental health education. In clinical work, he has conducted in-depth research on the diagnosis and treatment of depression, anxiety, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, neurasthenia, and insomnia. He has more than 20 years of clinical treatment experience and unique treatment technology. He also has extensive experience in dealing with psychological problems and emotional disorders in love, marriage, family, study, work and interpersonal relationships. She also has rich experience in health education, and the lectures are very effective.

Fan Rong


He has received group psychological counseling and therapy training from Irvine Aaron in the United States for 5 consecutive years, and has been certified as a group psychotherapist by the Irvine Aaron School of Psychotherapy; systematically accepted the group consultation theory and practice, and psychoanalysis of Professor Fan Fuzhen of Tsinghua University and Professor Wu Xiubi of Taiwan. , Family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, cross-diagnostic treatment of UP emotional disorders, humanistic existentialism, autopsychology, dream interpretation, hypnosis, crisis intervention, etc., has extensive individual and group psychological counseling experience, and has long received personal experience and Supervision.

Cao Wengai

Spiritual analyst

He has worked in clinical medicine for nearly 10 years, and has worked in clinical psychological counseling and treatment for nearly 20 years. He has been engaged in psychological counseling and treatment relatively early in China, and has accumulated a lot of case experience and marriage, family, group counseling, and related training experience. Counselors who can work with visitors for a long time. The visitors are more satisfied with emotions, family, youth, depression, anxiety, sexual problems, personality disorders, etc. The peers are more satisfied with supervision, self-experience, and case analysis. Society recognizes the transfer of professional knowledge and how psychology can solve daily life and work problems.

Ma Honghui

Trainer mentor

He has worked for NewellRubbermaid, a Fortune 500 company in the global consumer goods giant, and has more than 10 years of supplier management experience in multinational companies. In recent years, he has begun to focus on the spiritual growth of people. He combines coaching technology with the multicultural ideas of East and West and his rich and unique life experience to inspire people's inherent potential-discovering themselves, overcoming fears, and helping themselves and others. Realize spiritual growth and live the true self. TTT Certified Instructor, Asian Integration Coordination Institute, NLP Executive Certified by International ISNS Union, High-level Trainer Certified by International ISNS Union.

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  • 09/13 "Public Welfare Walk" Lecture 2 | Be Yourself


  • 10/13 "Commonwealth Walk" 3rd Lecture Review | How to deal with children crying and losing temper easily?


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  • One meter joined hands with Tianhe District Women's Federation to comprehensively promote public welfare psychological consultation!


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300元/次 ,余款280.1元需在现场评估前交齐。 3. The total cost of psychological assessment is 300 yuan / time , and the balance of 280.1 yuan must be paid before the on-site assessment. If both parents can come together to conduct a child psychological assessment, the 280.1 yuan assessment fee can be waived;

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,结束后会将100元退还给您; 3. The booking fee is the audition registration fee. On the day of the audition, a deposit of 100 yuan will be required . After the end, 100 yuan will be returned to you;

4. The final interpretation right of this booking function is owned by One Psychology;

I agree with the Appointment Security Agreement
Reservation fee: ¥ 19.90
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